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Unraveling the dark secrets of the deep web

JOHN WALTER M. CALIPES - Most of the students of this generation is perhaps a product of what we call the transcendence of intellect. The ability of critical thinking primitively began with living beings, like humans. Our ancestors relied only on their primal instincts to go through every obstacles in their path. There were no machines nor they have the intellectual capacity to create one. But as the human brain evolves, so does its consciousness. Hence, the creation of modern tools that is constantly evolving with time. As my former cybernetics professor said, “There is no such thing as an intelligent computer, only intelligent creators. Computers are designed by us, and they are nothing without us. They’re like slaves, they can’t do anything unless we input commands, only they don’t get tired. They do all the work, we tell them what to do, they are a lesser of us.” Judging by such statement, I could immediately compare humans to God. Creating a lesser consciousness out of its own, …

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