Editorial: Cowardice? Or simply not interested

For far too long, the Supreme Student Government of the University of Bohol had endured countless criticism among the UBian community. These criticism may well be a challenge that it would encourage them to do better than the ones before themselves. But despite the enormous support that the SSG is getting from the school admin, it seemed very hard for them to get the same support from the students. It got even harder when the SSG elections developed a trend of not having enough candidates, no opponents, even departments would just appoint someone for a position. Have we lost the democracy of student-leadership in our beloved university? What could have gone wrong?
During the Miting de Avance and Election Forum last February 23, the aspiring and now SSG President emphasized the “cowardice” of the students for not taking a stand to run for an SSG position. Honestly, no one can blame him, he has yet to show his capabilities as an SSG President, he was not even an SSG President yet. But the real question remains, what could have been done?
The answer is as simple as one plus one; and that is trust. The real reason why students are not anymore invigorated by the idea of being an SSG officer is that they lack confidence not for themselves, but for SSG itself. It’s not really cowardice, it’s just that they are simply not interested to be part of another failure. The student government, which is supposed to earn the trust of the students to become their voice to the admin, has become the spokesperson of the admin to the students. To cut the long story short, it became the opposite of what it supposed to be. It lost its purpose, and branded as mere “event organizers”.


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